GFOUK™ BowlegOut Tourmaline Alignment Calcium Insoles


By incorporating GFOUK™ BowlegOut Tourmaline Alignment Calcium Insoles, one ensures the provision of sufficient calcium to fortify bones and support overall skeletal health. This becomes especially advantageous during growth phases and later stages of life when there may be a decline in bone density.

Under the influence of calcium and tourmaline, ions undergo oxidation in the body through oxygen ions, subsequently recombining with calcium ions to create new structures. This process widens the spacing between calcium ions, leading to broader and more porous trabeculae. Consequently, the increased space between the epiphyses allows for continuous bone cell division and growth. The body produces new bone cells to fill in the gaps between the bones, contributing to the growth and restoration of bone structure and ultimately resulting in an increase in height.

What Makes The GFOUK™ BowlegOut Tourmaline Alignment Calcium Insoles Be The GREAT CHOICE:

  •  Comprehensive Support: Aligns spine, feet, and pelvis with exceptional arch support.
  •  Enhanced Arch & Leg Contour: Improves foot arch, shapes legs, and supports bone growth.
  •  Infrared Therapy: Utilizes special fibers for better circulation, reduced inflammation, and foot health.
  •  Tourmaline Technology: Harnesses tourmaline to generate negative ions for balance, stress reduction, and well-being.
  •  Posture Correction for Height: Stimulates bone growth, supports leg, arm, and spine elongation.
  •  Holistic Wellness: Improves circulation, metabolism, and relieves pain in the foot, knee, hip, and lumbar spine.


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GFOUK™ BowlegOut Tourmaline Alignment Calcium Insoles
GFOUK™ BowlegOut Tourmaline Alignment Calcium Insoles
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