GFOUK™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet


Introducing the GFOUK™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet – a revolutionary fusion of technology and pest management. The GFOUK™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet helps to treat follicle mites skin problems through three elements: sound, odour and negative ions. GFOUK™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet helps to cure the skin problem of follicle mites by the three elements of sound wave, odour and negative ions, and also kills the harmful mites in the environment 5 metres away to protect our skin.

The GFOUK™ BugsOFF Infrared Ultrasonic Bug Repellent Bracelet generates approximately 3 million negative ionsan electrolysis process that leads to the production of chlorine ions (Cl-) which are then converted to chlorine gas, which combines with the water in the skin to produce chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Its oxidising effect can break down the structure of viruses and bacteria, thus achieving sterilisation.

What Makes The GFOUK™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet The GREAT CHOICE?

  • ✔ High-Frequency Ultrasonic Waves: Effectively deters pests like mosquitoes by creating an imperceptible barrier.
  • ✔ 3 Million Negative Ions: Reduces PM2.5 particles and pollutants through the release of negative ions, contributing to environmental purification.
  • ✔ Chlorine Dioxide: Enhances sterilizing effects, breaking down viruses and bacteria for a comprehensive health approach.
  • ✔ Comprehensive Solution: A smart choice for users seeking effectiveness and holistic solutions in pest control and environmental well-being.
  • ✔ Convenient Wearable: A hassle-free, stylish accessory providing continuous pest protection with easy daily incorporation.
  • ✔ Non-Intrusive Technology: Imperceptible ultrasonic waves ensure a disruption-free, comfortable experience while effectively repelling pests.
  • ✔ Eco-Friendly Design: Prioritizes sustainability by offering an environmentally friendly pest control alternative without harmful chemicals or pesticides.


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GFOUK™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet
GFOUK™ BugsOFF High Frequency Ultrasonic Pest Bracelet
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