GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads


GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads are 50x antibacterial, 15 minute quick wash and 72 hour long lasting fragrance. Go beyond ordinary laundry gels to protect your health and cleanliness.

The Hopkins research team focuses on laboratory studies that examine the effects of smoking and the chemical composition of third-hand smoke on living organisms. They also conduct long-term follow-up studies to assess the evolution of the health status of smokers, passive smokers, and those exposed to third-hand smoke in order to fully reveal the long-term health effects of tobacco smoke. The results of these studies support the patent application for GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads, which provide scientific support for personal health by preventing bacteria and viruses from remaining on clothing.


Advanced Antimicrobial Technology: Our Ag+ silver ions deliver 50 times the antimicrobial potency, disrupting bacterial cell membranes for enduring sterilization and odor elimination. This technology effectively eradicates dirt and mold, preventing bacterial proliferation and indoor humidity-induced odors, all while preserving the integrity of your clothing. Additionally, nanoparticles penetrate deep into fabric layers, creating a long-lasting protective film that provides 24-hour defense against secondhand smoke and viruses, ensuring personal health.


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GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads
GFOUK™ Cleaning Guardian Beads
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