GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel


GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel is a revolutionary product with ingredients designed for the most stubborn discolourations on teeth. This whitening gel has been tested and proven to be effective in removing a wide range of discolourations that cannot be tackled by regular brushing alone.

GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel uses dual natural plant extract technology to combine natural rice bran and xylitol with safe ingredients such as niacinamide and cuttlefish bone meal. This special toothpaste formula dissolves stains 7 times more effectively while forming a strong protective layer on the teeth to prevent new discolouration from formingNo bleach is used.

  • ✅Whitening and brightening: Fine whitening particles give teeth a whitening shine while protecting enamel.
  • ✅Dissolves 5x stains: Deeply dissolves and removes stubborn tooth discolouration.
  • ✅Prevent discolouration: Covers the surface of the teeth to form a dense protective layer against staining.
  • ✅Contains a natural plant-based complex: natural rice bran + xylitol


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GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel
GFOUK™ Crystal Teeth Whitening Gel
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