GFOUK™ Hot Pulse Knee Massager


The GFOUK™ Hot Pulse Knee Massager is a 360° ergonomic design focus utilising Heat Pulse Technology, a blend of vibration massage and red light therapy, for the relief of knee imbalances and pain. Heat pulse technology provides just the right amount of warmth to the knee, increasing circulation and soothing tense muscles. The high frequency vibrations of the vibration massage work deep into the muscles to achieve a reduction in local tissue tension, pain relief can relax the nervous system to relieve muscle tension. Red Light Therapy is a treatment that uses the wavelengths of red light in the visible spectrum to stimulate tissue repair and relieve pain. This breakthrough product is dedicated to restoring joint health in a professional.

Thermal Pulse is a new technology that has attracted widespread interest in the medical field having achieved excellent thermal conductivity.The GFOUK™Hot Pulse Knee Massager is a product that takes full advantage of the unique nature of the technology by spontaneously generating a temperature that achieves a sustained thermal sensation effect. This design helps to achieve a more even therapeutic effect and enables precise temperature control for more effective treatment. It also has the ability to stimulate key reflex points, by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood circulation, thus helping to reduce pain and promote tissue healing. GFOUK™ Hot Pulse Knee Massager!

The GFOUK™ Hot Pulse Knee Massager transmits force and vibration to the knee through high frequency vibration (2000-3500 vibrations/min), which increases blood flow to the tissues, relaxes the muscles, and resonates the body tissues to produce relative displacements, reduces adhesions, restores elasticity to the knee, and relaxes tense and stiff knees, which is beneficial for the rehabilitation of the knee, ligaments and tendons.


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GFOUK™ Hot Pulse Knee Massager
GFOUK™ Hot Pulse Knee Massager
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