GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband


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Introducing GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband Innovatively combining three key technologies, Negative Ion, Far Infrared and EMS, which are efficiently integrated with the revolutionary fusion of monitoring our daily blood oxygenation, bone density, and stress management, GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband helps to treat the whole body gout problem through the three technologies of Negative Ion, Far Infrared and EMS.

Its unique combination of technologies provides a highly effective means of improving blood oxygen levels, optimizing bone density, and effectively managing stress. Focusing on addressing systemic gout and effectively treating neurodermatitis creates an advanced therapeutic tool and simultaneously demonstrates significant results in neurodermatitis treatment.

Negative Ion, Far Infrared and EMS are three different technologies that work in combination in the GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband, each of which has different roles and benefits. Together they can provide more comprehensive support for treating gout throughout the body, and here’s how they work together with each other:


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GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband
GFOUK™ IONFIR Gout Relief Wristband
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