GFOUK™ MENIONIC Tourmaline PostureCorrector Vest


Improve your posture with this innovative GFOUK™ MENIONIC Tourmaline PostureCorrector Vest designed to gently reshape your lower back and abdominal area, the areas with the greatest impact on your overall posture.

Reduce back pain and improve posture with our GFOUK™ MENIONIC Tourmaline PostureCorrector Vest. This vest is designed to help posture by using IONIC Shaping Technology to slow down your metabolism, decreasing internal body temperature while increasing blood flow and oxygen levels – all leading to increased energy.

Get instant relief from chronic back pain with the Ricpind IONIC Tourmaline PostureCorrector Vest. The tourmaline stone and Germanite stone in this item emit far infrared (FIR) waves to seal a layer of heat around your body to stimulate blood circulation in order for you to feel more relaxed. With its slimming shape effect, it also helps you reduce stubborn fat and maintain your overall body shape.

Improve your posture, increase strength, and reduce stress on your back with the Ricpind IONIC Tourmaline PostureCorrector Vest. This stylish vest can be worn under almost any outfit to correct poor posture and prevent lower back pain. Its advanced technology and ergonomic design make it perfect for those who are interested in correcting their posture.

Say goodbye to back pain, and hello to a better posture! This Ricpind IONIC Tourmaline PostureCorrector Vest will help you improve your posture and alignment by ensuring that your body stays in position. It’s easy to use, comfortable, and will help improve not only your health but also relieve any pressure on your spine that can cause discomfort from pinched nerves.


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GFOUK™ Tourmaline MENIONIC Posture Improvement Vest
GFOUK™ MENIONIC Tourmaline PostureCorrector Vest
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