GFOUK™ Scafree Advanced Skin Spray


GFOUK™ Scafree Advanced Skin Spray is formulated with allantoin and an advanced scar treatment. Our formula is designed to enhance skin health, firmness, and elasticity, effectively reducing the appearance of various types of scars, including surgical scars, burn scars, hypertrophic scars, and keloids. This silicone-based scar spray creates a breathable layer that enhances skin hydration, protects scar tissue, regulates collagen synthesis, and balances skin growth processes, resulting in smoother and more even-looking skin.

Our GFOUK™ Scafree Advanced Skin Spray is suitable for all skin types and helps flatten and smooth scar texture. We guarantee noticeable scar reduction in as little as 4 weeks for new scars and within 4-8 weeks for older scars!

The deep penetration repair of GFOUK™ Scafree Advanced Skin Spray is a remarkable aspect of its formula. Formulated with precision, this skin spray is adept at penetrating deep into the skin layers, targeting the core of scars for effective healing. By reaching beneath the surface, it facilitates the repair and regeneration of damaged tissue, promoting a comprehensive and enduring solution for various scar types. This unique capability ensures that the spray works at a profound level, contributing to the reduction and smoothing of scars for a visibly improved skin texture.

Dr. Lauren recommends our GFOUK™ Scafree Advanced Skin Spray, a product well-suited for all skin types, addressing various scar textures such as those from c-sections, post-surgery, tummy tucks, old scars, keloids, stretch marks, burn scars, and more. Notably, the formulation is free from irritating ingredients, ensuring it has no associated side effects.


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GFOUK™ Scafree Advanced Skin Spray
GFOUK™ Scafree Advanced Skin Spray
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