GFOUK™ UricEase Microcurrent Therapy Device


The GFOUK™ UricEase Microcurrent Therapy Device is groundbreaking solution which designed to alleviate the discomfort of inflammatory arthritis, particularly gout, by targeting elevated uric acid levels through EMS therapy. Engineered to strengthen the body’s ability to expel uric acid, it aims to address the root cause of gout and related symptoms, offers a holistic approach to relieving pain and and improving overall quality of life.

The GFOUK™ UricEase Microcurrent Therapy Device harnesses the power of EMS therapy to enhance circulation, thereby alleviating the discomfort associated with inflammatory arthritis, particularly gout. By improving circulation, the device facilitates the removal of metabolic waste products, including uric acid crystals, from the affected joints.

By promoting the transport of these waste products to the kidneys for filtration, it ensures the efficient removal of uric acid from the bloodstream, this process not only addresses the root cause of gout but also helps relieve the symptoms of inflammatory arthritis.


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GFOUK™ UricEase Microcurrent Therapy Device
GFOUK™ UricEase Microcurrent Therapy Device
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