GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device


The GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device employs low-level electrical currents through EMS Electronic Technology to stimulate facial muscles. Designed with the purpose of enhancing muscle tone, reducing excess fat, tightening the skin, and sculpting a more defined facial contour, this device targets specific regions of the face and neck. Its goal is to address facial asymmetry and promote an overall refined appearance.

GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device stimulates the face muscles and improves skin tone and texture by using low-level electrical currents and by increasing collagen production. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin structure and is linked to skin suppleness. These devices attempt to contribute to a more youthful and tighter skin look by boosting collagen formation.

GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face technology employs electrical impulses to improve muscle tone and strength in the face. This has the potential to significantly reduce the appearance of facial asymmetry. Our EMS method encourages muscle development and improves overall facial symmetry by stimulating the weaker side of the face. It not only enhances blood flow and circulation to the face muscles, but it also results in a more bright and healthier complexion.


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GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device
GFOUK™ VorSculpt V-Face Contouring Device
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