Heart Ring Light For Pro-Photography & Live Streaming


Have you ever wondered why all the celebrities in the Instagram feed look equally flawless? Or star influencers who seem to have gorgeous healthy skin even in live makeup tutorials? Heck, even gamers and broadcasters emit a halo effect in all their live streams.

Heart Ring Light

And don’t bother with the model photos you see us online and think as if they were born with an HD look. Come closer, let us reveal a little secret to you. All that glow you see is legit, thanks to the high quality and seamless rendering, the right lighting and brightness setting. Capture perfect poses, record stunning makeup looks, and make live broadcasts with absolute sparkle using this freestanding heart ring light. With its customizable setting, brightness and tripod, you can easily create the look, tutorial or video that will go viral.

Heart Ring Light

What you will get:

  • Professional accessory: The adorable heart-lit tripod is ideal for beginner YouTubers, Tiktokers, makeup gurus, food bloggers or live streamers. Good lighting really makes a huge difference in taking quality Tiktok videos, makeup tutorials or HD selfies or pictures.
  • Get the hearty glow: The Heart Ring Light allows to dim the brightness between 10 levels. It also lets you customize natural, warm or white light depending on what you want to record.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor shooting: The heart LED ring light can be rotated vertically or horizontally to achieve the ideal brightness and brightness on the face. Take absolutely flawless photos for Instagram or public relations indoor or outdoor.

Heart Ring Light


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Heart Ring Light For Pro-Photography & Live Streaming
Heart Ring Light For Pro-Photography & Live Streaming