HEATWOLF® Superconductive Mini Air Temperature Regulator


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HEATWOLF® Superconductive Mini Air Temperature Regulator
HEATWOLF® Superconductive Mini Air Temperature Regulator

Discover the ultimate personal heater for your space. Experience rapid and effortless room heating, providing the cozy warmth you crave. Within just 15 minutes of operation, this HEATWOLF® Superconductive Mini Air Temperature Regulator envelops a 350 sqft room in a comforting and warm ambiance. Say goodbye to costly heating systems, and embrace a solution that saves you both time and money.

Why can HEATWOLF® Superconductive Mini Air Temperature Regulator achieve such low energy consumption?

All of this is thanks to the groundbreaking scientific achievement of LK-99 superconducting material created by the Korean Quantum Energy Research Center. LK-99 is not only a superconductive material that exists at room temperature and pressure, but its unique zero-resistance energy conduction properties have injected our HEATWOLF® Regulator with an unprecedented 98% energy utilization efficiency. This allows HEATWOLF® to achieve the same efficiency as regular large heating devices using only 20% of the energy.

With the support of LK-99 superconducting material, HEATWOLF® Regulator can utilize our newly developed electric field technology, controlling the electric current to increase the kinetic energy of air molecules, thus enhancing heating efficiency. Compared to traditional heating devices, our HEATWOLF® Regulator achieves a heating effect that feels more like being warmly embraced rather than trapped in an oven.


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