IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring

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Say hello to a healthier, more comfortable you and your partner!

The IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring is a shift from a state of minimum perfusion relaxation to a state of congestion through magnetic therapy and the vascular system. It is mediated by a multifaceted continuum of neural and vascular components, plus hormonal and psychological factors. Through complex neural pathways consisting of somatosensory afferents to autonomic (cavernous) nerves, and supraspinal structures including the medial preoptic area of the hypothalamus and the paraventricular nucleus, magnetic therapy arousal stimulates the release of neurotransmitters that initiate erection.

We can use magnetic therapy to enhance the corpus cavernosum and increase testosterone levels, which improves sexual performance. Also, through the prefrontal cortex, it decreases sensitivity, which creates a deeper connection in intimate moments. You will experience deeper intimacy as she is drawn to the newfound sensations.

Why Choose IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring?

  •   Powerful magnetic therapy
  •  Non-invasiv  Boosts blood circulation
  •   Improves sexual performance
  •  Regulates body energy balance
  •  Restores comfort and confidence
  •   Improves attractiveness
  •   Improve the quality of sexual life


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IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring
IC BIO™ ED Magnetic Energy Ring
Original price was: $65.90.Current price is: $31.90. Select options