IC BIO™ Valerianone Roll-on Perfume


Are you looking to attract your pet’s attention? Do you want to ease the relationship between you and your pet? Would you like a boost in both confidence and attractiveness? Get to know us! Let us introduce you to IC BIO™ Valerianone Roll-on Perfume.

IC BIO™ Valerianone Roll-on Perfume has been carefully crafted to help you fulfill these wishes! Whether your goal is to have your pet express their fondness for you or to exude a welcoming vibe for a new connection, this perfume is the perfect solution for you – and beyond! This exquisite fragrance will radiate undeniable passion and desire, an insatiable flame that inspires and propels you forward. Don’t delay any longer. Buy it now and go cuddle your pet to your heart’s content!

IC BIO™ Valerianone Roll-on Perfume is a Valerianone-based perfume customized for dogs to achieve the goal of getting your pet to like you by spreading the scent, which can easily enhance attraction, our product is a proven attraction enhancer. For pets, Valerianone immediately triggers a chemical reaction that boosts attraction and promotes positive life changes.

Using custom-designed fragrance blends and advanced ionic binding technology, IC BIO™ Valerianone Roll-on Perfume Eau de Toilette. This unique scent reveals itself when interacting with your own natural hair scent or perspiration, creating a captivating and irresistible aroma. The intrinsic desire for natural closeness when spending time with your pet may be related to scent, as these inherent chemical signals play an important role in attracting a partner and are often emitted from the body.


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IC BIO™ Valerianone Roll-on Perfume
IC BIO™ Valerianone Roll-on Perfume
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