IonFit™ HeatDetox Floral Socks


How does IonFit™ HeatDetox Floral Socks Works?

It is also encouraged to boost and enhance the digestive system. The body will be better able to absorb the calories and utilise them as fuel for activities if you do this. accelerating the rate of weight loss. Additionally, it emits infrared rays and negative ions that force the body to burn more calories by generating heat deep inside the body.

  • Cells absorb negative ions, which results in resonance—a physical phenomena. As a result, the cellular processes are revitalized right away, improving metabolism and blood circulation overall. It contributes to boosting blood flow and oxygen delivery, which reduces swelling brought on by a buildup of lymph fluid (lymphoedema). The pressure makes it easier for the lymph veins to transfer the trapped lymph fluid.
  • This socks stimulates the foot and calf muscles to enhance blood flow and relax the foot. In order to restore your legs’ ideal form over night, other ailments can also be alleviated, including varicose veins, muscular tension, foot tiredness, muscle tightness, and muscle spasms.


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IonFit™ HeatDetox Floral Socks
IonFit™ HeatDetox Floral Socks
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