LUXE+ Blau Carbon Timeless Armband


The LUXE+ Blau Carbon Timeless Armband is a high-tech wrist accessory designed to promote better health and wellness. 

Made with carbon fiber and TitanION materials, this bracelet designed to help boost energy levels, reduce inflammation, and improve overall physical performance. It also features unique magnetic technology that is said to stimulate blood flow and increase oxygenation throughout the body. It does this because it is believed that TitanION eliminates fat at a cellular level, slowing down the production of fat cells and tissue.

What Makes The LUXE+ Blau Carbon Timeless Armband Be The GREAT CHOICE?

  • ✔ 5x More Intense Infrared Therapy
  • ✔ Stylish & Functional Bracelet
  • ✔ Scientifically Proven & Tested By Experts
  • ✔ Boosts The Immune System
  • ✔ Reduces Water Retention In The Human Body
  • ✔ Alleviates Physical Stress, Stiffness, Cramps, Discomfort Swelling & Inflammation
  • ✔ Clears Bloodstream & Lymph Nodes
  • ✔ Brings Off Fats And Cellulite
  • ✔ Increases The Body’s Energy & Vitality


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LUXE+ Blau Carbon Timeless Armband
LUXE+ Blau Carbon Timeless Armband
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