MagseCare® Magnetic Patch for Migraine, Tinnitus and Toothache


MagseCare® Magnetic Patch for Migraine, Tinnitus and Toothache is a clinically proven, safe and effective magnetic nerve therapy paste, which uses magnetic therapy nerve technology to prevent and treat primary head neuralgia, including migraine, tension headache, cluster headache, Trigeminal neuralgia, sinus pain/congestion, tinnitus, depression, and insomnia. 

Primary headache is a debilitating condition that is extremely common in the population. Medication is a common solution for many patients, but like anti-nausea medications, the side effects are often prohibitive. The MagseCare® Magnetic Patch emits precise magnetic rays from the user’s templestargeting the supraorbital, supratrochlear and trigeminal nerves, training and correcting the release of pain signals, and balancing the levels of endorphins and dopamine in the brain. Provide non-toxic, non-toxic, non-toxic treatment without any side effects.

Distributed through transcutaneous magnetic delivery, MagseCare® Magnetic Patch introduces precise pulses of magnetic force from the user’s temples, acting on the trigeminal, supraorbital, and supratrochlear nerves, guiding them to reduce and eventually stop sending false pain signals. And guide the local secretion of endorphins and dopamine, effective relief within a week, 28 days of treatment includes

  • Primary headache (including Migraine, Tension Headache, Cluster Headache, Trigeminal Neuralgia)
  • Nervous Tinnitus
  • Sinus Pain/Localized Congestion
  • Neuropathic Toothache


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MagseCare® Magnetic Patch for Migraine, Tinnitus and Toothache
MagseCare® Magnetic Patch for Migraine, Tinnitus and Toothache
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