Negative Ion Electromagnetic Pet Pendant


The magnetic field generated by the electromagnetic transmitter built into the pendant can unclog pores, improve cell vitality, and stimulate hair follicle cells to grow new hair. In addition, pets are prone to injuries during running and playing, especially soft tissue injuries, fractures and subcutaneous hemorrhage. The effect of magnetic therapy can ensure that the blood of the wound is absorbed as soon as possible, can eliminate bruises and bruises, and help wounds, scars, adhesions, etc. to heal.

Magnetic therapy in medicine affects the physiological and biochemical processes of pets by affecting the distribution of current, the movement of charged particles, the permeability of the membrane system, and the magnetic moment direction of biopolymers in pets. Regulate blood and lymphatic circulation, change the activity of tissue cells, thereby producing the effect of analgesia, anti-inflammation and detumescence

The magnetic field generated by the pendant acts on the meridian and acupuncture points of the pet’s whole body, thereby adjusting the biological electromagnetic balance of the pet’s body. Achieve the effect of soothing nerves and stabilizing emotions.Eliminates and prevents redness, swelling and dermatitis of fragile skin of pets. Negative Ion Electromagnetic Pet Pendant!

The magnetic field has a regulating effect on the nerves of pets, and can strengthen the microcirculation function of muscles, thereby reducing body odor. It can also lower blood pressure, change the long hydrocarbon chains of cholesterol into short hydrocarbon chains, form multiple crystallization centers, decompose and change the structure of cholesterol, make it difficult for cholesterol to precipitate on the blood wall, and the blood vessels are easy to discharge, achieving the effect of lowering blood lipids. The Negative Ion Electromagnetic Pet Pendant thus helps treat and prevent obesity in pets.


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Negative Ion Electromagnetic Pet Pendant
Negative Ion Electromagnetic Pet Pendant
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