NORUION® Magnetic Nano Ion Detoxifying Shaper


How do NORUION® Magnetic Nano Ion Detoxifying Shaper Work?

You know what that is! That relaxing feeling you get every day when you can feel the toxins draining from your body. You’ve been working on yourself all day, now it’s time to release those Body Toxins with NORUION® Magnetic Nano Ion Detoxifying Shaper! This is how you feel.

BeautyRevive™ Negative Oxygen Ion Repair Fat Burning & Detox Bodysuit, FormFit™ Magnetic Nano Ion Detoxifying Shaper

Traditional panties mainly play a protective role and can be isolated from the outside world. NORUION® Magnetic Nano Ion Detoxifying Shaper not only has the role of traditional underwear because the fabric contains graphene fibers, but also has anti-bacterial properties at the same time, NORUION® Magnetic Nano Ion Detoxifying Shaper has a unique low temperature far infrared, can effectively promote the body’s microcirculation, improve the system metabolism, the elimination of toxins, Vaginal Tightening.

Far Infrared Negative Oxygen Ion Fat Burning Tummy Control Detox Bodysuit Briefs do not require preheating or electricity to create heat sensations. It builds up heat in the abdomen and keeps it warm without leaking. Graphene Honeycomb Vaginal Tightening & Body Shaping Briefs are based on heat circulation and use multi-directional heat circulation to help users promote and unblock blood circulation These Graphene Honeycomb Vaginal Firming Shaping Briefs help to effectively stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in the body, relieve gynecological disorders, reduce fluid accumulation in body tissues, lift buttocks and tighten the vagina. It also helps the body organs to expel harmful wastes, relieves physical fatigue and mental stress, and allows the body to fully relax.

The Far Infrared Negative Oxygen Ion Fat Burning Tummy Control & Detox Bodysuit promote a healthy reproductive system and uterus aside from detoxifying the body and aiding in weight loss. Based on clinical studies, women who use this product for 20-days have a lower risk of getting vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and effusion, cervical erosion, trichomonas vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, palace cold, and irregular menstruation.

The graphene fiber of the panties releases natural energy through thermal circulation, improving blood circulation throughout the body and eliminating toxins from the uterus. Together with the Tourmaline (a precious natural mineral)  in the middle of the panties, it channels the whole body lymphatic system, improves various gynecological diseases, reduces body fat, tightens the vagina and lifts the buttocks.


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NAZIAP™ Magnetic Nano Ion Detoxifying Shaper
NORUION® Magnetic Nano Ion Detoxifying Shaper
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