Nurbini™ RespiRelief Red Light Nasal Therapy Device


The Nurbini™ RespiRelief Red Light Nasal Therapy Device can enhance breathing by addressing various respiratory issues that may be causing difficulty in breathing or discomfort. The device utilizes low-level red light therapy, which has been shown to have several benefits for respiratory health. Like reducing inflammation, clears nasal congestion, and better oxygen exchange for a more efficient breathing.

The Yagoo™ RespiRelief Red Light Nasal Therapy Instrument is indeed a non-invasive treatment, meaning it does not involve any surgery or penetration of the skin. This makes it a relatively safe and comfortable option for many individuals seeking relief from various respiratory and sinus-related issues.

How to use

  • It is incredibly easy to use thanks to its 3 simple steps:
    1) Take out RespiRelief, choose the right nasal pads, connect the USB cable, and charge it fully
    2) Turn on the device by pressing the power button
    3) Insert the device into your nose, relax, and hold it for just 15 minutes


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Nurbini™ RespiRelief Red Light Nasal Therapy Device
Nurbini™ RespiRelief Red Light Nasal Therapy Device
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