Remifa™ Stormring 50,000,000 Stun Charging Ring


Featuring a stealth design that conceals a robust self-defense mechanism, this ring puts 50 million volts at your disposal. Its sleek appearance makes it suitable for everyday wear, yet its protective capabilities are formidable. Empower yourself with discreet security as this ring seamlessly combines style and function. There’s no need to draw; simply make a fist for an intuitive and effective defense. The Remifa™ Stormring 50,000,000 Stun Charging Ring is your chic and potent ally for personal safety.

The Remifa™ Stormring 50,000,000 Stun Charging Ring embodies simplicity and effectiveness. With a single button activation, it guarantees swift readiness, enabling you to respond instantly to potential threats. Enjoy the simplicity of staying prepared at all times, free from any complications.

Ideal for outdoor exercisers or individuals who walk to and from their vehicles, the Remifa™ Stormring 50,000,000 Stun Charging Ring is an excellent choice for those seeking a self-defense ring that is both small and compact. With a pair of beveled tips that are gentle to the touch yet powerful when clenched into a fist, this ring is both durable and lightweight. Its quick and easy wearability ensures non-stop immediate protection. Whether tucked in your wallet, worn as a necklace, or attached to your keychain, this versatile ring offers convenience and peace of mind on the go.


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Remifa™ Stormring 50,000,000 Stun Charging Ring
Remifa™ Stormring 50,000,000 Stun Charging Ring
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