Remifa™ TinySafety 50,000,000 Stun USB Keychain

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Revolutionize your defense with Remifa™ TinySafety 50,000,000 Stun USB Keychain, combining a stun gxn, flashlight, and pain-inducing shocks—all in a compact 1.8 oz design. Respond to a threat quickly with intimidating electrical sparks and bright 120-lumens light. Safely carry the USB stun gxn in your purse or pocket.

Featuring a potent 120-lumen flashlight, this USB keychain emits a brilliant beam visible from a considerable distance. It serves as a versatile and compact flashlight for various situations.Whether you’re navigating through dimly lit parking lots, embarking on evening jogs, or simply need a quick source of illumination, this flashlight provides you with the visibility you need.

  • Engineered for on-the-go use, this self-defense tool easily attaches to your keychain, ensuring it’s always within reach. Its compact size guarantees accessibility, making it your trusted companion for personal protection anytime, anywhere.
  • A rechargeable battery that can be easily recharged. Micro USB charging port allows charging via PC, wall block, or car charger, you don’t need to buy any expensive batteries. The battery remains charged for 60 days unless you use it.  No need to replace batteries, saving you money over time.


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Remifa™ TinySafety 50,000,000 Stun USB Keychain
Remifa™ TinySafety 50,000,000 Stun USB Keychain
Original price was: $49.90.Current price is: $23.90. Select options