Serenix™ Anxiety Relief Herbal Patch

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Do work pressures, social anxieties, or spiraling thoughts keep you awake at night? If you’re nodding, you’re among the millions who experience the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety daily. But what if turning the tide was as simple as “Peel, Stick, and Live Freely”?

The absorption performance of traditional capsules, tablets, and pills is poor, only realizing 10% of the efficacy of their active ingredients. Our innovative patches can increase the absorption rate to 90%, optimizing their health benefits. Receive smaller doses continuously over up to 12-hours directly through to your bloodstream. By-pass the digestive system so you can feel better for longer.

For better absorption of the beneficial ingredients, wear our supplement patch on the skin where veins are most visible, such as on the wrists, arm, ankle, ensuring maximum absorption and targeted relief where you need it most. Serenix™ Anxiety Relief Herbal Patch patches are so comfortable, you won’t even realize they’re there, making it the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin or digestive issues


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Serenix™ Anxiety Relief Herbal Patch
Serenix™ Anxiety Relief Herbal Patch

1000 in stock