SouthMoon™ Motion Sick Sticker


What is the  SouthMoon™ Motion Sick Sticker?

The  SouthMoon™ Motion Sick Sticker is your perfect travel buddy must-have for people with motion sickness. It is a perfect backup plan just in case you break into those telltale signs of motion sickness. The  SouthMoon™ Motion Sick Sticker is made from soothing herbs that ensure you feel at ease in both short and long-haul travel! The  SouthMoon™ Motion Sick Sticker is:

  • A non-invasive treatment for motion sickness
  • A patch that has a strong adhesive and doesn’t get in the way of accessories such as earrings, piercings, and movement from sleeping.
  • A long-lasting patch that keeps your body at ease for hours, perfect for long-haul travel. The  SouthMoon™ Motion Sick Sticker’s effect lasts for 72 hours.
  • A non-drowsy concoction that keeps you awake and alerts you regardless of timezone changes
  • Can be used  on children and pregnant women
  • Can be used  by people prone and not prone to motion sickness
  • Boasts a non-sticky adhesive that doesn’t leave any residue when peeled off


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SouthMoon™ Motion Sick Sticker
SouthMoon™ Motion Sick Sticker
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