Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Cap


Proudly introducing the Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Cap – designed to address hair loss, dandruff, and other hair concerns, promoting healthy hair growth within 3-6 weeks!

  • The advanced Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Cap has been clinically validated and FDA approved. It’s a safe and effective method for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss. This technology can stimulate scalp circulation and enhance hair growth. It can effectively reduce dandruff and heal inflamed hair follicles by controlling excessive cell regeneration.
  • The serum included in the hair treatment cap contains powerful, scientifically proven plant-based ingredients that can significantly rebuild thinning hair, boost hair growth tenfold, and combat excessive hair loss. Additionally, it can remove skin flakes and reduce dead skin cells, noticeably reduce the density of gray hair, and restore hair to a younger and more natural appearance. Study reports show that after using the Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Mask Cap, hair health and condition improved by 89%.

How to use:

  • 1. After washing your hair without blow-drying, concentrate your hair on the top of your head and put on the hair mask cap.
  • 2. gently massage the scalp for about 15 seconds to promote even heat and essence absorption.
  • 3. 8 minutes after putting on the hair Mask Cap, remove the cap, rinse with water and blow dry.
  • 4. Only 8 minutes a day for excellent coverage.
  • 5. Can be used indoors, while traveling and outdoors.


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Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Cap
Sugoola™ Thermal Therapy Hair Growth Cap
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