Thin Blue Line Bracelet

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Increase your metabolism with the Thin Blue Line Bracelet!

The Blue Stone Thin Blue Line Bracelet is embedded with 3500 gauss magnet, which can speed up metabolism and stimulate blood circulation, promoting fast and healthy weight loss!

Thin Blue Line Bracelet,Blue Line Bracelet

  • 500 Negative Ions
    Copper has unique healing properties, so we combined magnets and copper to create a body health bracelet. It can effectively reduce pain, fatigue and muscle tension.
  • Thin Blue Line Bracelet consists of 4 powerful healing minerals including germanium, magnet, infrared and negative ion to boost your mood and health!
  • Boost Metabolism – Boosts faster metabolism and digestion, which can help you achieve a slimmer body without too much effort.
  • Promotes Fat Breakdown – Signals the body to break down fat cells efficiently which will help you lose that baby fat faster!
  • Removes Harmful Toxin – Cleanse your body and relieve your body from headache, nausea, cold, etc. It removes harmful toxins by purifying it from common diseases such as
  • Improves Blood Circulation – Supports healthy blood circulation! It also helps lower high blood pressure by preventing future medical expenses.

Thin Blue Line Bracelet,Blue Line Bracelet


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Thin Blue Line Bracelet
Thin Blue Line Bracelet

1000 in stock