Zakdavi™ Night Anxiety Relief Device

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Introducing the Zakdavi™ Night Anxiety Relief Device, an innovative solution designed to provide targeted anxiety relief while promoting deep, restful sleep. Harnessing the power of TENS and bioelectronics technology, this device offers a natural and effective approach to easing anxiety and improving sleep quality. 

The Zakdavi™ works by delivering precise electrical stimulation at a specific frequency, triggering the release of pain-relieving hormones that bolster your resilience to primary migraines. Worn comfortably on your forehead, it helps restore your body’s innate sleep function, significantly increasing deep sleep duration.

With its lightweight, user-friendly design, the Zakdavi™ seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, whether during exercise, walks, or at home. Just 20 minutes a day can provide much-needed relief from headaches, as well as liberate you from the burdens of anxiety and stress-induced insomnia. The device boasts an auto-adjust feature for the physiotherapy pulse intensity, ensuring a tailored experience. For optimal results, use it 30 minutes before bedtime to alleviate pressure and enhance overall sleep quality, allowing you to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Zakdavi™ Night Anxiety Relief Device is specifically engineered to combat anxiety-related insomnia. Worn safely on the forehead, it employs external trigeminal nerve electrical stimulation (TENS) to activate the brain’s endogenous morphine-generating polypeptidyne neurons, resulting in analgesic effects by releasing endogenous morphine-like peptides, effectively preventing and treating primary migraines. By emitting low-frequency pulses at a specific frequency to the brain’s targeted endorphin release area, the Zakdavi™ Night Anxiety Relief Device conducts neuromodulation, reaching the higher center of the cerebral cortex. This regulation of signals from various biological and physical channels activates the human endorphin system, aiding in the restoration of natural sleep function.

Zakdavi™ Night Anxiety Relief Device


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Zakdavi™ Night Anxiety Relief Device
Zakdavi™ Night Anxiety Relief Device