Acupressure Massage Ring

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Spending an entire evening after writing your composition or working all night preparing the project proposal you’ve been working on for weeks. Of course, your hands should ache, your fingers should be tired.

Massage Ring

After submitting assignments and projects before the deadline, you should be feeling emotionally relieved. But what about the physical pain you feel in the muscles of your hand right now? Don’t you need something to work on those pressure points to release all the stress? Don’t you want something that will relieve your pain in seconds without having to go to a professional massager? We heard your deepest request! Get yourself these acupressure finger massage rings that can help improve your blood circulation by activating pressure points. The best part? It’s right for athletes, adults, kids or anyone with sore fingers.

Massage Ring

What you will get:

  • Interesting gems: Your acupuncture points can benefit endlessly from this health reflexology. Otherwise, it can be your unique finger band.
  • Thoughtful gift: These finger massage circulation rings are ideal for anyone who needs to work with a laptop, keyboard or constant hand strength, such as a pianist, musician or woodworker.
  • Perfect for elderly parents: If you are a parent or grandparent suffering from hand arthritis, take advantage of these acupuncture rings. Simply twist it back and forth a few times to activate the pressure points. The sliding motion stimulates nerve points, thereby increasing blood circulation. In addition, you can achieve a soothing and relaxing effect immediately after use.
  • Portable: Its small size is travel-friendly so you can take it with you on your travels, business meetings or daily transportation.
  • Ideal for your autistic child: Sujok therapy in this unique form can be an interesting activity for children with sensory problems. They can relieve their stress with this ring.

Massage Ring


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Acupressure Massage Ring
Acupressure Massage Ring
Original price was: $29.90.Current price is: $11.90. Select options