GFOUK™ HerbalPurge Purifying Night Patches


In light of the prevailing hectic lifestyle of the modern society, the GFOUK™ HerbalPurge Purifying Night Patches has tailored a brand new solution for those who seek to accommodate their health with their lifestyle, allowing you to relax and eject toxins and waste from your bodily system while you sleep! With one patch to each foot before you sleep, the patches will do the work for you in solving multiple lymphatic issue at once!

The GFOUK™ HerbalPurge Purifying Night Patches are formulated to be quick to action simply by attaching them to the bottom of your feet. Created with pure organic herbal ingredients, they are designed to draw out and eject toxins, wastes and impurities. Use at night before bed, remove after 8-10 hours or after you wake up and feel the tangible improvement within you as HerbalPurge works to eliminate toxins through your sweat!

The GFOUK™ HerbalPurge Purifying Night Patches activates and boosts circulatory system, as well as the metabolism on the feet to reduce edema and the excessive retaining of liquid and fat. With long term consistent use, excessive fat accumulation and edema can be eradicated completely, as well as keeping clogged lymphatic system at bay. HerbalPurge leverages the warming effect to not just draw out toxins, but also provide you with a perfect everyday home relaxation.


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GFOUK™ HerbalPurge Purifying Night Patches
GFOUK™ HerbalPurge Purifying Night Patches
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