GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device


The GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device is dedicated to simplifying life with its efficient design. It is a rapid skin closure kit that don’t puncture the skin to avoid secondary trauma and reduce scarring. It serves as an excellent alternative for easily managing lacerations in emergency situations, eliminating the need for an expensive trip to the ER.

The swift and painless closure of wounds not only accelerates recovery but also ensures comfort during removal, making it suitable for use with children. Stay prepared and avoid the need to rush with the GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device. The GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device fosters a safe and sanitary environment, curbing excessive movement and exposure to promote the natural healing process of your skin. By ensuring a protective environment, it encourages optimal conditions for the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

The GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device surpasses traditional sutures, boasting 8 times greater strength. This strength not only shields the wound effectively but also ensures steadfast closure, even during joint flexion. Experience unparalleled durability for enhanced wound protection and secure closure.


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GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device
GFOUK™ StitchFree Closure Device
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