GFOUK™ SUPERSAVE Energy Electrical Box


Achieve a controlled and spike-free discharge of stored electricity with the GFOUK™ SUPERSAVE Energy Electrical Box, thanks to its integrated capacitor system when operating under the rated load. The external casing of this device is constructed from advanced fire-proof and explosion-proof materials, prioritizing safety in its design. Complemented by internal leakage protection measures, this energy box not only ensures reliability but also meets the highest standards of safety, making it an optimal and formal solution for diverse electrical requirements.

The GFOUK™ SUPERSAVE Energy Electrical Box is designed to stabilize and optimize the electrical power supply to various devices and appliances. It employs advanced technologies to regulate voltage levels, reduce power fluctuations, and protect against power surges. 

Report analysis that while timely use of rapid charging is often worthwhile, it can lead to battery depletion when electric vehicles (EVs) operate at low or high power for extended periods of time. This can negatively impact the battery’s longevity. The GFOUK™ SUPERSAVE Energy Electrical Box balances current, stabilizes voltage, and guards against surges. It protects the battery life and doesn’t interfere with the operation of the electric car, enabling customers to maximize battery capacity in the shortest amount of time and cut down on charging time. It automatically stops charging when the electrical box is fully charged.


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GFOUK™ SUPERSAVE Energy Electrical Box
GFOUK™ SUPERSAVE Energy Electrical Box
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