KERAPLEX™ Smoothing Blowout Cream


Step up and say goodbye to damaged frizzy strands and curls with KERAPLEX™ Smoothing Blowout Cream!

Whether you have hair that is dry and damaged or just in need of moisturizing and deep conditioning, KERAPLEX™ Smoothing Blowout Cream will revitalize your hair leaving it soft, silky, shiny, and easier to manage. This premium 3-minute hydration and restoration treatment cream will make you love the way your hair looks, feels, and smells. It repairs, restores, and strengthens weak, damaged, and overprocessed hair. It also revives dull and dry hair Improving its manageability and elasticity and gives it a Beautiful Shine.

KERAPLEX™ treatment cream offers unparalleled global smoothing capabilities that will effortlessly render your curls flawlessly straight. It grants you the ultimate reformation effect, eliminating the need for detrimental heat, chemical treatments, or daily flat iron usage. Its innate ability to gently and uniformly rectify wavy, curly, kinky, coily, and even frizzy-straight hair spans from root to end. What’s more, it imparts profound moisture to each strand, promptly nurturing, hydrating, and sustaining overall hair well-being! The result is a magnificent display of impeccably straight, softer, and voluminous tresses, radiating a lovely sheen to complete the picture of hair health and beauty.

The KERAPLEX™ Smoothing Blowout Cream goes beyond, mending parched strands, addressing damages, and tending to split ends, all while enveloping your hair in a protective shield against breakage. Its effects linger for an extended duration, gracing your locks with an enduring salon-like allure, maintaining its charm for a span of 6 months or more. No apprehensions needed, for it defies daily washes and diverse environmental conditions, remaining steadfast against frizzing. Application is simple: just distribute an appropriate measure of the cream onto dry hair, wait a mere 3 minutes, rinse thoroughly, let it air dry, and voilà – your hair transformation is complete!


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KERAPLEX™ Smoothing Blowout Cream
KERAPLEX™ Smoothing Blowout Cream
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