Oveallgo™ PROMAX HumanicPlus Hematie Couple Bracelet


Blizzard Stone is directly connected to the bloodstream.

Humanic+ MAXHematie Beaded Bracelets

It helps our subconscious mind to realize whether a part of our body is getting enough blood and to make changes in blood circulation when necessary. Especially in men, this feature positively affects the hormone system, metabolism, digestive system and masculine energy.

Researchers from the National Board of Therapeutic Massage and Body Certification investigated the effect of Blizzard Stone on the lymphatic system, and here we reviewed 15 trials of the benefit of crystal therapy on lymph, concluding that there is strong evidence that Blizzard Stone is effective in lymphatic treatment. topics. Oveallgo™ PROMAX HumanicPlus Hematie Couple Bracelet!


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Futusly™ HumanicPlus MAXHematie Couple Bracelet
Oveallgo™ PROMAX HumanicPlus Hematie Couple Bracelet
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