REFRESSPRO™ Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar Set


REFRESSPRO™ Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar Set will help you get back the natural beauty of your hair in its best form in no time. This product has gained significant popularity due to its effectiveness and will never cause any damage due to its organic formulation made up of POLYGONUM AND PANAX GINSENG.

Say Goodbye To Harsh, Harmful Shampoo Formulas and say hello to our Shampoo Bars: your new gentle, plastic-free shampoo!

Our REFRESSPRO™ Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar Set has everything you want and none of the bad stuff you try to avoid in your hair care routine. It creates a luscious lather that gently removes build up, and leaves your hair soft and clean. This shampoo is curly hair-friendly and can be used on color-treated/bleached hair because it doesn’t have SLS or any harsh, stripping ingredients, making it better for you and for the planet. By switching to shampoo and conditioner bars, you can divert up to 15 plastic bottles every year!


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HueRenew™ Hair Darkening Shampoo Bars
REFRESSPRO™ Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar Set
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