Stovis™ Anti-White Hair Serum


Recover natural hair color & density for a younger and more confident look with our Stovis™ Anti-White Hair Serum ! The newest hair solution for graying hair that will surely transform every strand to its natural state!

Introducing Stovis™ Anti-White Hair Serum, an exceptional product designed to combat the graying of hair. It offers a comprehensive solution to address the graying hair concerns and helps individuals regain their youthful and vibrant appearance. Formulated with a powerful blend of key ingredients, including Arcolys, Greyverse, and growth factors, renowned for their hair-stimulating properties. This advanced formula is suitable for both men and women, delivering remarkable results in restoring natural hair color and promoting healthy hair growth.

An innovative a-MSH biomimetic peptide found in Stovis™  can operate on the various factors contributing to the greying of hair. It provides a remarkably effective way to avoid, stop, and even reverse this natural aging process. It promotes melanogenesis, which finally results in hair repigmentation by increasing the amount of melanin produced in the bulb and favoring a better transfer.

By assessing the effects of Greyverse™ on the formation of melanin in a culture of human melanocytes, the activity of the drug was examined in this study. After 72 hours of treatment, it was discovered that adding just 0.5% of Greyverse™ to the formulation greatly enhanced melanin synthesis by 19%, aiding in the repigmentation of gray hair.

The Stovis™ Anti-White Hair Serum intensively nourishes the hair and scalp while giving the hair essential nutrients. Effectively cleans the hair and removes dead skin cells from the scalp while repairing damaged hair. During clinical trials, patients had a remarkable visible substantial decrease in the density of their gray hair by between 80 and 94% after just 4 weeks of treatment.

Stovis™ Anti-White Hair Serum


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Stovis™ Anti-White Hair Serum
Stovis™ Anti-White Hair Serum
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