Suptruck™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen


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Suptruck™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen
Suptruck™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen

Suptruck™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen is the world’s first at-home treatment for toenail fungus that uses technology to fight back against your fungal infection. It penetrates the infected nail plate and locks in pathogenic pathogens on the nail bed with a wavelength of 415 nm blue energy, while combining 905nm infrared pulsed laser radiation (which studies show has antifungal properties)that  creates a synergistic effect that can kill onychomycosis without affecting or damaging surrounding tissues.

The Suptruck™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen is a simple, easy-to-use device that will blast those embarrassing toenails of yours with an intense blue light that will kill the fungus on contact. No more stinky feet for you! It’s painless, safe, and effective—just shine it on your infected nails for up to 15 minutes each day until they’re clear!

So if you’re tired of looking at those gross yellow spots on your nails and want something easy that’ll get rid of them fast—look no further than  Biolab™ Anti-Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen! Get yours today!


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