Unpree™ Japanese Fermented Rice Water Hair Serum


Are you frustrated by hair loss and thinning? Say hello to Unpree™ Japanese Fermented Rice Water Hair Serum – your ultimate solution. Our unique natural blend deeply nourishes hair at the root, promoting healthy growth and restoring vitality. Reclaim your confidence, flaunt luscious locks – try Unpree™ today and experience the transformative power of our root-nourishing hair serum.

When Unpree™ Japanese Fermented Rice Water Hair Serum is massaged into the scalp, the serum formulation deeply penetrates the skin, effectively delivering its nourishing components directly to the hair follicles. This absorption process promotes increased blood circulation, thereby enhancing the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the follicles. The nourishing ingredients, including Japanese Rice Powder and Angelica Extract, work in harmony to fortify the hair strands, create a conducive environment for a healthy scalp, and stimulate hair growth at the root. Consistent use of this product ensures continuous nourishment, sustaining optimal hair growth and overall hair health.

When you apply the Unpree™ Japanese Fermented Rice Water Hair Serum to your scalp, its serum oil texture is designed to be easily absorbed by the skin. The scalp has a rich network of blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, and it also serves as a gateway for topical products to penetrate and nourish the hair roots.


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Unpree™ Japanese Fermented Rice Water Hair Serum
Unpree™ Japanese Fermented Rice Water Hair Serum
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